Rose Terrace Assisted Living

“Assisted Living combined with the comforts of HOME”



Rose Terrace Assisted Living

Welcome to Rose Terrace Assisted Living. Where we combine the benefits of Assisted Living Fort Worth with the comforts of home. Unlike other Assisted Living facilities that feel more like living in a “Hotel” or “Dorm Room”, the Rose Terrace facility is an actual beautiful home nestled in a very quiet Fort Worth neighborhood.

No longer do you or your loved one have to feel like just a “number” while residing in an Assisted Living facility. Rose Terrace home is State Licensed for a maximum of 6 -8 residents. This means that you or your loved one will receive the true personalized care and attention that you, or he/she deserves.

Rose Terrace Assisted Living believes that in order to provide truly personalized care a facility must employ reliable, sincere, compassionate, and professional caregivers. A facility must also maintain a low resident to caregiver ratio or fewer residents per caregiver. Larger facilities often have as many as 20 residents per caregiver. Our philosophy is based upon maintaining a low resident to caregiver ratio so that you or your loved one receives the attention and the personalized care that is deserved.

If you or your loved one needs the benefits of Assisted Living combined with the warmth and comforts of “Home”, then contact Rose Terrace Assisted Living. Our loving and licensed caregivers will make your loved one feel right at home. Call us today for more information or to schedule a personal tour of our facility.

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